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Introduction to communication and Negotiation Committee

Introduction to communication and Negotiation Committee

China Communication and Negotiation Committee of Industrial Technology Society of Economic Management is a professional academic team established according to the needs of academic and practical work in the field of communication and negotiation teaching, research and practice promotion in China,It belongs to the China Industrial Technology Association of Economic Management Colleges (Society national level, Ministry of Civil Affairs for registration, in the charge of the Ministry of Education,Business executives at Xi'an Jiaotong University)The Communication and Negotiation Committee consists of the well-known experts and scholars and business elites those who has influential position in their field.

The vision of Communication and Negotiation Committee is to build a heaven of domestic academic communication and negotiation and desire to become an academic team combining application and practice,linking knowing and doing under an academic framework.Aiming at academic priority, service-oriented and win-win purpose,Communication and Negotiation Committee is willing to cooperate with friends all over the world for a better future.


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