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Beijing Technology and Business University Holds the First "Hong Shang Cup" Business Negotiation Competition

Beijing Technology and Business University Holds the First "Hong Shang Cup" Business Negotiation Competition

Beijing Technology and Business University held the first "Hong Shang Cup" business negotiation competition on May 16th at the Scientific Research Building 104. The guests and judges who attended the competition were the tutor named Zhu Zhenrong and Tian Jianhua, the head of the business negotiation team, Wang Yi and Liu Qichen, and the deputy captain Chen Mingfu, student representatives from each class in the freshman year.

The main topic of the negotiation case was the conflict of interests between Liaoning Guoyu Wind Power Co., Ltd. and the Netherlands Bent Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Based on preliminary contacts, the two sides will be scheduled to formally consult on matters related to cooperation in Beijing in March 2005. Throughout the game, the two teams first introduced the nature of the company and its intentions for cooperation, including the amount of the project. After that, the core technological advantages of the company were displayed in the form of patent licenses, and the ideal of cooperation was put forward while winning the trust of the other party. Through a series of professional data analysis and clause descriptions, such as the mutual inquiry and cooperation between the two sides, the problem was peeled openly, exposing the essence of things, and in-depth analysis was carried out, and finally the problem was further solved. Both parties have made efforts to compete for their own market sovereignty. The final negotiations confirmed the total investment of 30 million U.S. dollars for the construction of product manufacturing bases and some of the principle clauses for jointly establishing joint ventures, but the two sides have great differences on several important issues.

Through this negotiation, the students participating in the competition and watching all felt the charm of the simulated negotiation game. After the game, everyone expressed their own experience: "Coordinated teamwork, tacit understanding of team members, positive confrontation, sharp words, every player on the court does not miss any possible opportunity, has a smart insight for the breach. I vividly remember these scenes.” This game gave me great confidence. In the face of such formal games and processes, I can do a good job. I actually learned a lot of experience in the competition."

Provided by Zhu Zhenrong, Beijing Technology and Business University. Original text: http://sxy.btbu.edu.cn/xsgz/txfc/137453.htm

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