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The Committee Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Romania Academic Edusoft.

The Committee Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Romania Academic Edusoft.

In April 1, 2018, Professor Zeng Xiaochun, President of the China Industrial Technology Association of Economic Management Colleges, and Bogdan Patrut, editor in chief of the Romania Academic  EduSoft signed the memorandum of cooperation, announcing the deep cooperation between the two sides in the field of international academic education.

According to the memorandum, the two sides of the cooperation will carry out comprehensive cooperation within the scope of the two countries' legal provisions. The two sides will actively explore the academic exchanges between the two organizations as well as the opportunities for teachers to cooperate with each other through links to each other, inviting the other members to participate in academic activities, visits to personnel, the construction of textbook monographs and the sharing of academic resources, and help me to further enhance academic influence among the members in the world.

Romania Academia EduSoft is a brand name. It represents the unification of academic branches of Asociatia EduSoft (NGO) and EduSoft Limited company. Since 2010, 3 academic journals have been edited and published for scholars from all over the world. These journals are indexed by various international indexing services, such as Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics / Thomson-Reuters). EBSCO, DOAJ, Google scholar, CiteSeerX and so on. These journals are interdisciplinary and cover three major fields of science.

BRAIN: extensive research on artificial intelligence and neuroscience, ISSN:2067-3957, E-ISSN: (annual 1-4 issue, English).

The purpose of this journal is to establish links between researchers from different fields of science, such as computer science and neurology. In fact, many topics, such as human brain intelligence, cognitive science and neuroscience, can be intersecting in the study of brain and its intelligence function.

Brand: a wide range of accounting, negotiation and distribution studies, ISSN: E-ISSN: (annual 1-2 issue, English).

The purpose of this magazine is to bring together different experts in economic, social and political science. We publish expert articles on different scientific and practical fields such as accounting, marketing, management, economics, trade, trade law, finance, operations research, optimization, graph theory, game theory, voting, political communication, sociology and so on.

LiBRI: extensive research and innovation in language and literature, ISSN 2068-0627 (occasionally, English or French) and extensive research and innovation in language and literature "is an International Journal of experts in linguistics, literature, cultural research and related fields.

In addition, the organization also organizes the SMART International Conference. SMART - the scientific approach in academic research and teaching is an international conference that brings together experts in social media, education, informatics, neuroscience, and cognitive science in order to create appropriate environmental strategies for the discussion of the use of new technologies and the most creative problems in research, higher education and other fields. The initials abbreviation SMART is also used in the first few editions of the conference (Bacau - 2013, Timisoara - 2014 and Voronet (Gura Humorului) - 2015), when it represents "social media in academia: research and teaching." Since the meeting in Timisoara in 2016, the acronym SMART has been used as a scientific method for academic research and teaching starting in 2016. The conference will focus on topics related to the extensive research of BRAIN- artificial intelligence and neuroscience in academic journals (index in Web of Science).

An important step in the process of the signing of the memorandum is the International Committee, along with the international strategy of China "The Belt and Road" to promote international cultural and educational exchanges will be more and more widely along with the country, the committee will actively for the majority of members and teachers in cooperative research projects, base construction, access exchange, academic exchanges between English and French papers are actively bridging the gap, providing as much help and support as possible.
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