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The National Management College of Industrial Technology Research Institute of the 30 anniversary of the founding of the meeting held in Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

The National Management College of Industrial Technology Research Institute of the 30 anniversary of the founding of the meeting held in Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

On November 16.2013,The Celebration conference for the 30th anniversary of China Communication and Negotiation Committee of Industrial Technology Society of Economic Management Colleges expanding conference of Executive director of the Council was held in international communication center of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics,and many famous scholars from more than 20 Universities and enterprises elites attended.The conference was organized by Environmental Economics School of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics,and the president of the School professor Duan Yonghui hosted the opening ceremony,and Ma Peisheng,the vice president of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics,attended and made a speech.

China Communication and Negotiation Committee of Industrial Technology Society of Economic Management(established in September,1983)is the society national level committee and an academic organization where the country's economic management institutions are engaged in teaching, research and practice in the field of combination of technical and economic edge interdisciplinary.ts members spread throughout the north, northeast, northwest, central, east, southwest and south China regions,,most of whom are engaged in teaching,research and management works related to the technology and economy combined edge interdisciplinary.The committee is make up with eight special committees including business management, vocational education, teaching and research and so on and its business includes five parts which are theoretical research, academic exchanges, business training, international cooperation and advisory services.

The vice president Ma Peisheng welcomed the guests and scholars on behalf of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics and introduced the development  of the University and expected the experts successfully finish the purpose of the conference.Professor Zeng Xiaochun,the chairman of the committee introduced the development and the progresses in the last 30 years of the Committee. Then,Xia Mingxue,the deputy secretary general of the Committee introduced the Committees achievements and the work plans of 2014 on behalf of the committee. Finally,the eight special committees discussed in groups about the Committees projects selection,establishment and close and the connection between the researches with application and cooperation with the enterprises. 

This conference have a great importance for China Communication and Negotiation Committee of Industrial Technology Society of Economic Management Colleges in exploring the development mode of the committee and achieving the transformation smoothly.




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