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The deputy director Professor of the Committee Yin Qinglin book's "Negotiation" (Second Edition) published

The deputy director of the Committee Professor Yin Qinglin's book "Negotiation" (Second Edition) published

The textbook was published by Northeastern University of Finance Press Release.The biggest bright spot of the second edition is the  CD-ROM coming with the book which contains the following:

1.Contains 12 sets of teaching pieces.Each episode is related to the textbook .It explains the conceptprinciples and skills of business negotiation in the form of stories within4 to 6 minutes.This is very helpful for students understanding the materials, provoke thinking, internal capabilities, and other useful practical application and the actual effect is quite good.

2. Student self-test questions. Author edited objective self-test questions and answers for students’ self-assessment.

3. Tips for the relevance between the teaching pieces and content in textbooks.

4. The CD also comes with the book's two authors instructional videos, as well as highlights of the textbook tips.

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