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Notice soliciting contributions for the first annual meeting of communication and Negotiation Committee


Call for papers of the Annual Conference of Communication and Negotiation Committee of National Economic Management Institutions Industrial Technology Research Society  

In order to further promote dialogue and negotiation between academic research in the field of industrial technology studies of national economic management institutions , the Communication & Negotiating Committee intends to hold the first session of the Annual Conference in June 2013 at the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing. Based on the principle of “literati friends”, we warmly welcome all of you who are engaged in the theory and practice of communication and negotiation as well as business managers to participate in and submit papers with a focused theme of communication and negotiation. The details of the annual conference are as follows:
1. Essay topics
(1) Communication topics (business communication, management communication,self-communication,gender-communication,family-communication,social -communication, public communication, crisis communication,cross-cultural communication, etc.)
(2) Negotiations topics (sales negotiations, investment negotiations, procurement negotiations and cooperation negotiations, investment and financing negotiations, mergers and acquisitions negotiations, salary negotiations, claims negotiations
government negotiations, international negotiations)
Theoretical topics of communication and negotiation: Influence of culture, law, time and space, gender, situation on communication and negotiationResearch on mechanism, process, strategy of communication and negotiation as well as relationship among its target, process and results, etc.

(4) Course construction and teaching reform topics of communication and negotiation (course positioning, curriculum design, faculty, development of teaching materials, teaching methodology, teaching methods, practice teaching, quality of students, double certificate education, contest teaching, bilingual teaching, etc.)
(5) other related topics of communication and negotiation.

 2. Essay evaluation and publication

The Communication and Negotiation Committee will organize experts to evaluate the submitted essays, set up the first, second, and third prize and award certificates.
There will be three forms of publication according to the evaluation results and personal wills of authors.

 (1) It will be compiled and published, and be submitted to the ISTP or EI institutional for merit publication;
(2) It will be recommended and published in Shanxi Youth Vocational College Journal jointly run by our committee.

(3) it will be published in the Communication & Negotiation, our committee journal and the official website: http://www.tanpanwang.com

Authors of the winning papers will be invited to give academic exchanges at the annual meeting

 3. Essay format and academic norms
Both Chinese and English manuscripts are acceptable (contributions of such as participating in EI assessment, please be sure to submit the full article in English). Papers should be emailed by using A4 size with a margin of 2.54cm on each side, single-column and single-spaced paragraph formatting with footnotes at the bottom of the same page.

After typesetting, the full text shall not exceed 14 pages, including Chinese and English abstracts, body, pictures, tables and references.  Abstracts shall not go beyond 500 words with 3-5 key words.

To ensure smooth retrieval of papers, final papers submitted must be in strict compliance with academic norms.

 4.Time arrangement
Papers should be handed in with registration table attached and the naming format of your electronic document should be “research topic-title.doc” format(e.g. International negotiation topic-the study of cultural conflict in international negotiations.doc).  All papers shall be sent to the Secretariat of Communication and Negotiation Committee on 10, May, 2013 and evaluation results will be sent through emails within 30 days.  Meanwhile, a copy should be kept by the author and committee experts and editors have the right to do some necessary modifications to the paper.

 5. Annual Meeting Secretariat Contact
Conference website:  http://www.tanpanwang.com/
Contact:  Mr. Yuan or Mr. Xia
Tel: 0086-15339221362; 0086-029-81556365; 0086-18092017517; 0086-159916992388
E-mail: stalinoyuan@gmail.com; 1633766986@QQ.com

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