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Committee secretary general Zhang Shougang was invited to participate in the conference

Committee secretary general Zhang Shougang was invited to participate in the conference

On January 1-8, 2013,Zhang Shougang,the Secretary-General of Communication and Negotiation Committee took part in 2013 Second Seminar on Knowledge Management Creativity organized by Marketing Department of Chung Chou University of Science and Technology in Taiwan,and gave a report on the theme of "build practical teaching system of college to bring up the students' innovative ability",which received widespread attention and high praise among the participating scholars in Taiwan.

During the Seminar,he presented the book Business Communication and Negotiation edited by Zhang Shougang,the Secretary-General of the Committee and Practical experience and business negotiation skills - depth interviews with fifty business negotiators edited by Wang Jianming,the member of the Standing Committee to Chai Yuqing,the Chairman of Chung Chou University of Science and Technology,at the same time,he exchanged and interacted with the counterparts in Taiwan in-depth about the teaching on communication and negotiation.During the thematic talks with Zhang Wenxiande,the director of Marketing Department of Chung Chou University of Science and Technology in Taiwan,both sides reached agreements on the issues about the Taiwan scholars joining our Committee,participating the annual meeting in 2013 and the communication and negotiation Symposium matters.The visit achieved the desired purpose and turn out to be a  success. 



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